Very few people grow up thinking ‘when I decide to start a family, it’s going to be really really hard!’. Nor do most people envision that having a baby will be coupled with so much uncertainty and time spent waiting and wondering if they will ever have the family they once dreamed of.

While very few people imagined this scenario, so many are living its reality every single day. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Not knowing if they will get their ‘happily ever after’.

When you go through infertility you suffer many losses along the way:

Loss of hopes & dreams
Loss of control & predictability
Loss of privacy
Loss of connection to self & others
Loss of joy & confidence


Cheryl Barry, Registered Psychologist

My name is Cheryl Barry and I am a Registered Psychologist specializing in the area of Fertility Issues. My husband and I went through five years of infertility and three rounds of IVF before conceiving our daughter. And even as a psychologist, I was completely unprepared for how infertility would impact our lives. The journey was painful, stressful, lonely, and isolating.

When I reached out for support it was very difficult to find the services I needed and I knew then that I didn’t want it to be this way for others. So I created Bloom Fertility Therapy, which is a new model of therapy that helps individuals and couples not only survive their infertility journey, but also thrive and bloom in the process.

“I believe that people can grow even in the harshest of conditions and that infertility is a transformative experience. As difficult as our journey was, I wouldn’t take it back. I came out on the other end of it very different from the person I was going in. I learned so much about myself and my relationships in the process.”

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Bloom Fertility Therapy is a model of therapy that addresses the specific challenges of infertility, while simultaneously cultivating a process of personal growth.

There are 3 Phases in Bloom Fertility Therapy: Survive, Thrive, and Bloom.

Each phase targets common roadblocks on the path to fertility and provides you with coping tools and strategies to not only survive your journey, but to thrive and bloom throughout the experience. The ultimate goal of Bloom Fertility Therapy is to help you apply what you have learned along your fertility journey far beyond this experience, into the bigger picture of your life and your future.


To Survive is defined as “a state of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of difficult circumstances.”

If you are in this phase, I can:

Provide support as you navigate the challenges of:
– Natural Conception
– Assisted Reproductive Technology (IUI, IVF)
– Third Party Reproduction (use of donor egg/sperm/embryo, or surrogacy)
– Fertility Preservation for medical reasons (Oocyte cytopreservation)
– PCOS as it relates to infertility


Provide coping tools to effectively manage:
– Sadness
– Stress
– Fears/Worry
– Anxiety
– Anger
– Frustration


Teach strategies so you can effectively communicate with your medical team, family members and friends

Connect you with resources, local support groups and financial aid options

Provide information regarding provincial and national fertility organizations

Recommend websites and print materials

To Thrive is defined as “a state where people are to prosper, be successful, and to grow and develop vigorously.”

If you are in this phase, I can:

Assist with the decision making process in the following areas:
– Single motherhood by choice
– LGBTQ+ family building options
– Surrogacy or adoption
– Choice to live child-free


Help you process grief and loss along your journey:
– Unsuccessful treatment cycles
– Chemical pregnancies
– Selective reduction/terminations
– Miscarriages and stillbirth
– Neonatal Loss
– Secondary infertility


Provide coping tools to effectively manage:
– Loss of Hope
– Loneliness and Isolation
– Anxiety/Depression
– Relationship strain and communication issues

To Bloom is defined as “a state of high development.  A time to flourish into the achievement of one’s potential.”

If you are in this phase, I can:

Assist in your personal growth by helping you to:
– Examine your personal values and belief system
– Explore how your fertility journey has changed and shaped your views
– Expand your meaning-making process
– Reflect upon the significance of your fertility journey


Help you apply the lessons and insights gained from your fertility journey to the bigger picture of your life


Provide coping tools for:
– Perinatal and/or postpartum anxiety and depression
– Parenting after infertility (feelings of pressure, perfectionism, and/or guilt)
– How to talk to your child(ren) about your unique fertility journey
– Adjustment to a child-free life